Not enough hours in a day

My apologies for the light posting not posting at all during the last month.

I have some very good excuses:

- I had a ton of exams (Everything went swimmingly. Got a first @ Antwerp & Louvain. Looking forward to next semester already)
- I went on a three day hiking holiday in Germany with Dr Livingstone and Middle Teen™ (will post later about that)
- Wimbledon was on (My computer was hooked up to the plasma screen because we don't have cable tv and all we could get on the digital antenna was flaming footie. So I had to stream the matches)
- Dr Livingstone is currently moving his workshop (ZOMG our garage is huge! Will post later when all is finished)
- Still have to write a thesis for my course in Antwerp. Been doing research (The Uni library is very quiet now. No students!)

Had Still have 1000 things to do:
- collect my new Airbook tomorrow (and visit my mother in law)
- help Dr Livingstone out with the workshop (I have temporarily assumed the name of Mrs Spic & Span)
- clean my Mini (the poor dear needs a good scrub down and a bit of love and attention)
- do a spot of gardening after the huge storm we had yesterday (and I haven't mowed the lawn in two weeks because of the oppressive heatwave)
- visit my grandmother (she's had another severe gout attack)
- get a bit of reading done (I'll have to brush up on my non existent Latin and Italian)
- clean our house (everything is caked in dust because of the extremely dry summer)
- get some sleep (and lots of it).

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