Adventures in Cat Sitting (Finale)

My adventures in cat sitting came to an end on Wednesday evening as the Bartman and Shanghai Lilly returned from La Douce France.
They showed up on the doorstep to collect the key for the back door. I got a little present for my troubles. Two heart shaped smooth stones with Chinese inscriptions on them. One translates into 'Love' and the other 'Friendship'.
More tat but a nice gesture. A bottle of French plonk would have gone down nicely too.
So a quick update on how the rest of the cat sitting went:
* I ran out of cat food on day six. This could only mean either of two things: 1) I'd been feeding them too much. 2) They didn't buy enough before they went. I was quickly reassured when our Chinese friend reprimanded the Bartman by letting out a short but sharp 'See!'.
* I had to tell them about the big dead rat I had to clear away. The cats had been gnawing on it for a day or two, but it became nauseating, so I got rid of it and chucked it somewhere in their garden. I hope it has fully decomposed before they start looking for it.
* They were surprised at the fact that the two kittens have switched to solids. And I very clearly told them they need to take the mother kitteh to the vet to have it treated, because they'll have another bunch of kittens if they don't.
* The two little'ns were very active the last couple of days and had gotten used to me, my voice and my shoes. The specled one even tried to crawl up my leg to reach my lap. Which was rather painful, as I was wearing shorts at the time.
Dr Livingstone is glad I don't have to give them noms any more. He has a thing with cats. Can't stand them. Knee jerk reaction. I suspect trauma from a previous marriage.
But he loves Mouser. And Mouser loves him. Kitteh even brings him fresh hare straight from the field. And puts it right in front of the workshop. As a treat. Very thoughtfull, but very scary to find a decapitated hare on your doorstep.
Well, better than finding a decapitated horse in your bed anyway.

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