Galileo's Daughter

I couldn't restrain myself from ordering books again. But I did try (honestly guv!). I was a very good girl and ordered (a very small amount) of what was on my wish list. I've never had such a speedy delivery. I'm using alibrisstrore.co.uk. They have a lot of old books out of print and work with different sellers who ship through them. I ordered them on Wednesday morning (21st), by evening I got a notification 6 of the 12 books had already shipped.
And this morning (23rd) the first one of them already showed up on the doorstep! \o/
Very chuffed.
It's Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel. I really enjoyed her book Longitude and read raving reviews about this one.
Here's a good plot summary:

This is the story of Galileo's life with actual historical record commentary from Vatican documents and the letters written by Galileo's daughter in a convent, the nun Sister Maria Celeste. We follow the development of Galileo's ideas and writings and how they were thwarted. We see Galileo support his children, especially this daughter, who supports him in return and comments on everything from the planets' revolution around the sun to what his housesitter should do with his wine while he's away at trial in Rome.

Can't wait to get started. But first have to finish The History of Ugliness by Umberto Eco.

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