Bird eat & drink boutique

Mouser hasn't been out much these last few days, maybe half an hour in total. The cold is very hard on all four of Velvet Claws™.
Snuggling up to the Franco Belge is much more cosy.
It started snowing around 3 pm yesterday, Dr Livingstone and I were going to stop working at 4 pm, but we just carried on and I drove home just before dark. I love driving around in the snow and slipping all over the place. Dr Livingstone said I missed my calling as a rally driver.

Around nine this morning it was really cold. I put out food for the birds and replenished what had already been gobbled up by the little critters.
This afternoon when the sun came out I strategically placed myself in the conservatory and took some pictures of the guests in the open air eat & drink boutique.
In just under ten minutes I counted 9 kinds of birds. I didn't get any pictures of the jays, crows, magpies or the woodpecker Dr Livingstone heard this morning.

Cyanistes caeruleus

Fringilla coelebs

Parus major

Passer domesticus

Erithacus rubecula

Turdus Merula

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