Garden Remodelling Part 1

Miller B phoned me up on Saturday if I needed any more stuff in the garden that needed the chainsaw-treatment.
I had, but it was freezing -8ºC @ the time.
He came over anyway and Dr Livingstone and myself braved the cold weather to be of some assistance.

In no time all sorts of greenery had been cut down and cut up.
A ghastly row of conifer hedge was in bits after half an hour (and cleared away under an hour). Now the east side of the house will be able to bask in the morning sunshine. And we will get more light in the kitchen and bathroom too.

Miller B wielded his chainsaw about and the greenery dwindled rapidly.
Also three bits of one tree growing in all kinds of unsatisfactory directions were trimmed to a stump. I left the best one alone, it stands very neatly upright, gives a bit of shelter and perching possibilities for birds, plus some shade in the summer.
The before and after pictures aren't really very clear, they have been taken in a completely different season and at a slightly different angle.
That bit of the garden looks twice as big now, lots of ideas bubbling up to fill up and clear away.

So a nice bit of extra fire wood for the stove to burn in 2014, extra sunlight in the morning and the first phase of the garden remodelling project well underway (although unplanned, but still...). \o/ Woohoo!
Thank you Miller B!

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