Reading assignment

I got a small reading assignment for my class on Conservation of Monuments.
It's Meer dan hout en Steen. Handboek voor sluiting en herbestemming van kerkgebouwen by Harry Bisseling, Henk de Roest & Peet Valstar (eds.). It's a recent publication (2011) published by the protestant Uitgeverij Boekencentrum.

The closure of churches is a higly topical subject and the book looks like it has a well thought about structure, but I'm a bit worried the anecdotal/religiously inspired side of the book will overpower the researched part.
Nothing wrong with that, but not an angle law-makers or estate agents will be interested in.
I'm preparing a presentation for my fellow students (all of them architect-engineers) on this book, it's due within a couple of weeks.

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