Ongoing research

I was in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) at the Radboudt University this week doing some research for my paper on electric lighting in chuches.
Very nice library staff, very cosy lounge area and ... good cofee from the coffee machine to keep me going!

Alas the book lift was being serviced, so it took a little bit longer to get the books and magazines I ordered from the reserves.
There was an annoying man sitting opposite me reading the newspapers and incessantly clicking his biro.
I sensed he was looking up to me now and again to see if I was going to say anything or getting visibly annoyed.
I was however too immersed in all the wonderful stuff I found and loving every minute of it.
They always say you're allowed to celebrate with brandy if you've done a great archive find (well, that's what one of my professors has coerced me into believing).

The lighting on the desks was slightly inefficient (too far back toward the middle of the table to assume a comfortable reading position) and I had to move the volumes to and thro to take pictures which would have an admissible light level.
This resulted in some black marks being left on the nice white desk surface. Heh. Mrs B leaves her mark...

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