Condensation Art

Dr Livingstone made some surprising art work on the inside of the window this morning, back lit by the rising morning sun. I asked him what he had drawn on the window. From left to right: a horse, my car, our house, a tree.
Dr Livingstone: "I started out with the idea to draw Mouser, but I ended up drawing a horse."
Mrs B: "What's that next to it?"
Dr Livingstone: "Your car."
Mrs B: "But it has legs."
Dr Livingstone:"Yes it does."
Mrs B: "Is that our house next to it?"
Dr Livingstone: "Yes."
Mrs B: "But it has got a gable roof."
Dr Livingstone shrugs.
Mrs B: "And it has a pair of eyes."
Dr Livingstone: "Yes."
Mrs B: "Cool".

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