Hidden Village Secrets

This village we've moved to has just revealed one of its most deadliest secrets to me this evening: There is a second hand bookshop not more than three miles away which specializes in art history books.

I was looking around on teh intertubes for a book that is frequently referenced at uni (because professors tend to promote force their own books to on students). Vlaamse Meesters: Zes Eeuwen Schilderkunst by Hans Vlieghe, Cyriel Stroo, Hilde van Gelder. The book is always missing from the faculty library and you cannot loan it from the central library.
And I can't really be bothered to photocopy around 80 pages from it (which is compulsory reading this semester). This thing is pretty expensive and costs around 85€ (new). I found one at just 23€. Joy. It is in pristine condition.

And I will be browsing the shelves of that bookstore very soon.

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