Handbag hell

Woke up very late this morning, still no ample rest for the wicked.
Beautiful sunshine outside, first time in weeks. Hmmm. I'm a completely different person when I've got my lovely sunshine.
My mother in law was here yesterday. I had to got the mill around noon, so I didn't see much of her. And I'm not saying that as it's a bad thing.
She'd brought everyone presents. Dr Livingstone got a cork screw.
'Great mom. Thanks. I'll just put it with the rest of the cork screws.'
I got a book with pictures from post-war Antwerp. And the most trashy handbag you can imagine.
Luckily when I returned from the big bad mill, she'd already left by then. My dear Dr. Livingstone persuaded her to take the handbag with her.
A pensioner came round to drop off some wood for the stove. We can use it right away, it's nice and dry.
The house was all warm and cuddly when I got back, a whopping 21 ºC.
Which, by our standards, is excruciatingly hot. People always tell me thats way too cold, they always have the heating on at least 23 ºC. Meh.
I'm curious if the little stove can keep the living room warm if it's -10ºC outside.
Right. I'll be taking my second cup of coffee down in Dr. Livingstone's workshop.
I have people to write and telephone calls to make.

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