Speshul Lolcat Cookies™

Pounced on Mouser when asleep and managed to bundle it in the cat carrier. Off to the vet in the morning. Yearly core jabs plus the one kitteh had never had before: Feline leukemia virus.

Apparently there is a very high rate of it here in the neighbourhood, so Mouser must be protected at all costs. The vet said Velvet Claws would feel a bit under the weather for one or two days because she would be making anti-bodies to the virus.

And I have to put Mouser on the Speshul Lolcat Cookies™. Bought a bag of the crunchy munchies. Kitteh only gets 30 grams in the morning and 35 grams in the evening. So no more wet food or special treats for my darling kitteh.
Methinkst Velvet Claws will tare the place apart before noon.

Of course, kitteh obligingly ate all of the carefully measured munchies yesterday, but today Velvet Claws is not having any of it. The portion remains sniffed at and untouched.
So Mouser decided to have brekkers al fresco this morning. A nice juicy mouse to start off the day. Yum.
And then kitteh reproduced stomach contents in the living room. Yuck.

Mouser is currently hiding under the couch until food preparing noises start to emanate from the kitchen.

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