Another Brand New Donkey

The equestrian nursery has another addition. There are so much animals about these days I didn't even notice Badly Shorn Sheep™'s owner (aka Mr Disastrous Farmer™) has had yet another small donkey added to his collection.
The pater familias jack has fathered this new foal with its two year old daughter.
So it's become a grandfather as well as father.
I didn't notice the littl'n until today, when it was frolicking about with the one that was born at the end of June.

The other animals in the field are beginning to become desperate for food. Mr Disastrous Farmer™ has been away on holiday for nearly two weeks now and his daughters are obviously not looking after the animals (or I should say: Looking after them in the same fashion their father has). Remember the dead horse I blogged about two weeks ago. We had to call the council to have the carcass removed. Rendac, the firm of food crisis fame and the company that carts away and processes animal remains, was closed till the 22nd because of our Independance Day on the 21st. We didn't think a dead horse left lying in the field from Thursday up to Wednesday in this kind of heat was very good for anyone's health. Not for the animals, nor for us. We had a word with the farmer living next door to Badly Shorn Sheep™'s owner, he was really glad we called them, he is terrified his healthy animals might contract something. And because he doesn't have to balls to ring himself.

The horses have resumed the trashing of some fences to get to greener pastures and I don't think it'll be very long now before they end up chewing away at our garden (again).
Mr Disastrous Farmer™ has done nothing to mend his shabby fences. Even though the police told him to last time we called them when four horses were roaming around in our garden. If they really do start munching on our patch, I'll let them and won't even bother telling him about it. Just one call to the sherrifs should do the trick. After they've trashed the garden and we can claim some compensation on him and hire a gardener to do some maintenance.
Last time we called on Mr Disastrous Farmer™ to tell him his goats were out and about on the street he said: 'No they're not, they're inside'. Yeah right buddy. We were standing right next to them with someone on horseback who had notified us of the goatesque escape.

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