Someone got cubed

I got bogged down in the book on Florence and the Medici by J.R. Hale. A great read, but a pocket containing pure history does not make good speed reading material. To occupy my wandering mind I resorted to my long forgotten Rubik's cube. A pretty good challenge. My dad used to own a little book on some quick and dirty tips how to solve it. I think my mother threw it out when they got divorced.

Anyway, the Rubik's cube was one of my first methods of duping my parents into thinking I was somewhat special.
Those things were all the rage in the eighties and my father had left one in the living room, not being able to solve it.
When I was alone, I peeled off all the stickers and re-glued them accordingly, all the same colours on one face of the geometrical object.
My mother had left me alone for about a quarter of an hour and was astonished to find, upon her return, I had 'solved' the cube.
I must have been five at the time. I didn't say anything. She just went: 'Did you solve the cube' and I went: 'I made it into what it looks like now'. I never said I'd solved it by actually turning the bits around. And I clearly remember I couldn't actually believe she really fell for it. So I went along with it.
Until the moment had come she'd been bragging all over the place I had solved the cube, then I revealed the secret I had been saving for the opportunity of making her look like a complete ass.

After that my parents thought I was more cunning than special and left it at that.

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