The skies are full of falling stars and absconded rubbish

The most peculiar thing happened last night.
Dr Livingstone and I were outside stargazing, enjoying the Perseid meteor shower, when we heard a car pull up to the front of the house.
It left its motor running.
We strolled over to the street side to look what was going on (it had already gone eleven). When Dr Livingstone got there, the car sped off.

Now for the strange part: Our two bin liners full of rubbish were gone!
I'd put them out not too long before and they were stolen!

Why would anyone steal our rubbish?
I know there's talk of crisis and so on but this is a bit freakish to say the least.

There is something you, dear reader, should know before I go on.
Our council has abolished rubbish tax this year. It used to be 30€. Now the idea is you buy the special bin liners with the village name printed on them and add a 1€ sticker. If the sticker is not on the bags, the men who collect the trash leave it outside.

Dr Livingstone has a few theories as to why someone would scarper off with our flotsam and jetsam:

1) They want the stickers.
In my suspicious mind that wouldn't make sense. Why would anyone steal two bags to put stickers on their own liners? They'd have to get rid of two extra bags without stickers on them. They might just as well save themselves the trouble of collecting ours and dump their own straight away. It's only 2€ for pity's sake.

But Dr Livingstone says I mustn't overestimate the criminal masterminds around here.

2) Somebody wants to frame us for some crime
Mr Disasterous Farmer™?
3) Someone needs a random person's address to throw them off a lead.
A mass murderer is stealing random bags to hide body parts in?
4) There's going to be a break in, they're sifting through our rubbish to see if we've bought something worthwhile to steal.
We're not Mr and Mrs Rockefeller-Rothschild.

Now these last three seem like they could be part of a story line to a detective novel. It has literary potential.

And one of my online friends told me it could have been aliens using the meteor shower as a distraction.
I think the other worldly visitors might be in for a little disappointment when they anally probe the bin liner.

We called the police anyway. I don't want to receive a littering fine from some nearby council if our rubbish should turn up somewhere.

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