The Bell in the Fog & Other Stories

I read Gertrude Atherton's The Bell in the Fog & Other Stories.
I'm a bit surprised at how unfulfilling the shorts seem to me. The first two, The Bell in the Fog and The Striding Place, start off very promising, a nice set up, story coming along nicely, tension builds (not tremendously, but it does one way or the other). And just when things start to get interesting, the story is finished. In most cases the protagonists take their own lives or the other characters are dead.
The first one I liked was the The Dead and The Countess. Talking dead people always do the trick and it had a light-footedness about it which lacked in some other shorts.
I suppose Gertrude's stories are just not supernatural or horrific enough for me. I've read some serious gothic horror novels over the years where blood and goo was oozing from the pages.
But she does paint a good atmosphere and focusses more on the psychology and internal struggles of her characters.
Good job on the sentences though. With little words she can do so much.

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