The World According to Me - Year 1

So one year gone and I'm still rambling online.

*gives herself meaningless pat on back*

I've only started to keep user stats since the 23rd of May, so I can't really give you a run down on how this blog has been doing.
But I can let you all into a little secret: In a good three weeks time my blog has been read (or bits of it) by people from all over the world.
I have had readers from nearly every continent. Except one.
Yes. Antarctica is still missing.
Maybe if I slip in some penguin references or the huge amount of condoms that were shipped there I might see some action in the hits area from that part of the world.
I could just try and go for name dropping:
Alain Hubert, Adrien de Gerlache, Zero Emission Antarctic Base Princess Elisabeth.

Or slip in something cheeky for people already on Antarctica who have some time to waste on the internet now winter is setting in. If they Google/Yahoo/AOL it I might get lucky.

Here are some things that spring to mind and might work like the moth to the flame:

The does and don'ts for scientists in Antarctica.

Twenty of the hottest scientists work and live on Antarctica.

How to get your Antarctic research published.

How to never be cold and lonely again in Antarctica.

Let your hair down in Antarctica.

Eating out, places to eat and restaurant guide. The essential guide for eating out in Antarctica.

Are you looking for a free Antarctic dating site?. Do you want to find singles on Antarctica looking for a date and that live on Antarctica for free?

Now we just sit back and wait...

Right. I'm going to get plastered. Oh wait, I can't my final exam's on Saturday. Blast. It'll have to wait until Sunday.


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