A Bridge Too Far or The Italian Job?

Some strange news left over from last year I surfed across.
In a Russian town, Khabarovsh, a steel bridge was stolen. The thieves dismantled it at night when no one was around. The bridge was the only direct route to an energy factory located on the other side of where the crossing used to be. So a little detour might be necessary if the employees want to come in to work any time soon... According to a spokesperson from the energy factory the bridge was estimated at 400000 rubles (about 8000 €). It was probably meant to sell for scrap.
Just like some thieves stole a Henry Moore from a museum yard somewhere in Herts a year or three ago. Ironically (or bronzy in this case) it was worth far more as a piece of art. What struck me the most at the time was that the theft was captured on CCTV. The lorry was identified as a Merc flatbed with a crane. Nothing strange there. The daft thing about the second car involved was that it was an old style Mini Cooper. Was it just a joke by one of the robbers to pull of an Italian Job? If so we will never know. The sculpure is still on the Interpol site. If they nab the mastermind behind the theft I bet he'll say his name is Charly Croker.

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