StopWormsDead: The Game!

As a cat I feel I must speak out. I did a spot of surfing on the web. I am keen to find out more about these worms; Mrs B doesn't tell me anything. She's just trying to force food on me all the time. So I look at the Bayer site. The stop worms dead site popped up. Blimey! Never have I seen a site dedicated to improving animal health joking about such awefull things as worms! Maybe I should start believing that the only thing pharmaceutical companies are interested in are profits. But no, I won't go there. This is just too sick to imagine. For starters: There's a game where you can kill intestinal worms. StopWormsDead -the Game-. Hey, hey, this is no laughing matter we are dealing with here. "Aim your target at the head of these worms to gain points an earn more time. Once you have exhausted your Drontal, remember to reload to continue mass worm destruction" I am appalled to see how 'serious' Bayer is at trying to get rid of these parasites. I played the game, just out of curiosity (I am a cat you know) and I hope the pills work better than the Drontal they give as ammo to kill the worms. Fifteen minutes into the game and over 6000 points later (oh yeah, there's a 100 point bonus if you get the hookworms), still the number of worms hasn't decreased. Luckely the supply of Drontal is endless, because Bayer just keeps on handing them to you. But -oh the insult!- this is not the worst thing on there! More on the other thing I didn't like in another post.

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