Find Your Way Round The Guilded Box Office

Yes, I am referring to The Golden Compass. Easily digestable, nicely made. A lot of lovable creatures. Bit dissapointed I'll have to sit through two other movies to get the whole story. I think I'll just get the books as prezzies for the Teens™ and read them first. Some teenagers seated in front of me thought it was a bore, they were rolling about on the little platform in front of the screen. I was going to say something but couldn't be bothered because I was well into my third Westmalle triple and the end credits started to roll. Yes, my theatre serves lovely 9,5% beer in the house. Really enjoyed the song by Kate Bush at the end. The movie site has a cool feature. You can let the site choose a dæmon for you after answering twenty questions. Pure fun and silliness. But we were all awaiting each others' result. Teen 2™'s dæmon turned out a snow panther called Diodium, Teen 3™'s a red fox called Skaeme, Dr Livingstone's a stoat. I'm quite happy to have a lovable, furry, irritating, garbage ransacking raccoon called Achaean.

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