That Fox News Sidebar in full

Surprisingly education is in 3rd place. A little breather from what fox finds extremely interesting: war, crime, sports, more war, 9-11, homeland security and war. So I clicked on the education link. And look: sexual misconduct, schools cutting back, lawsuits,.. And this news item caught my eye:
Dad Upset Kid Banned From Wearing Pagan Symbol at Indiana School

"Pecenke said he was upset because the school district doesn't send students home for having ashes on their foreheads for Ash Wednesday. Livovich said that was different, however, because it is part of a person's faith." How so Mr L?

What, exactly does "distracting" mean here - were crowds of students getting out the scales, pointing at her and hurling ripe vegatables at the girl? May be they were too distracted by their praying in fear of the witch amongst them.
Can't the other kids go after school to church to have that ash put on their faces?

Religion is a person's private thing. Doesn't matter if you're catholic, muslim, jew, protestant, buddist, pegan or of the Church of the flying spaghetti monster. Keep it to yourself.

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