My weatherpixie

What's up with the clothes my Weatherpixie is wearing? I've been surprised time and time again about the things she's been kitted out with. From dominatrix to geekoid extraordinaire. I've seen it all over the last 6 months since I've put it on the blog. The only thing that's spot on is Mouser.
The first two pixies: The purple fuck me shoes, the fishnet sleeves and the rainbow umbrella. And, oh, and is that tight outfit inducing some kind of virtual camel toe?
Pixies 3&4: red earmuffs and red striped pants. What's that all about? No one wears earmuffs above the age of 10. Unless you're a 40 year old virgin called Warren and still live with your parents.
Pixies 5 through 8: I'm okay with these ones. The Apple shirt is cool, the vintage G3 iBook is funny. Flower top, fur coat; nice. The schoolmistress look is a bit boring but acceptable. Maybe a little accessory whip could lift the mundaneness.

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Mouser said...

Mouser spot on? What's wrong with your eyes Mrs B? What about that purple collar? Yuk!