Profile my worms

Right, as promised: You can profile yourself (or your owner) to see what kind of worms could be living inside you. Nothing wrong there. Prevention is better than anything. But it's the link up on the home page that bothers me beyond anything. If you sit the cursor on the cat with the mouse (and I don't take to the silly joke either, it's wearing a bit thin by now) there is a little yellow square with some text in it that becomes visible: DOG! Yes, it says bleedin' DOG! 
Okay, so these were my results (and I quote):"Profile: Likes the outdoor life/a hunter. Mouser is at risk from various types of worm. All of the small animals that are hunted by cats, e.g. mice, voles, shrews and rats can carry larvae of a type of tapeworm. In a similar way, mice & birds can be infected with roundworm (Toxocara cati or Toxoscaris leonina) larvae and these can be passed on to Mouser once eaten. With this level of risk, it is recommended that Mouser is wormed monthly." Monthly? Just like in the game. Pass the ammo.

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