Drontal Cat

Yes I am on the tablets (or that's what they think). Haha. I fooled them big time. Well, nearly. I had to eat this tuna paste and they'd concealed a quarter of a tablet at a time. Those foul tasting things. Two words for you Bayer chappies in the white coats: MICE FLAVOUR! (The freshly killed kind). Anyway, I managed to lick off the rest of the paste and leave the last quarter in the little tray. Yesterday I had to have the second dose. It came disguised as some other kind of fish paste yet again (the cheap kind). No way I was going to gobble that up! Funny thing was they tried to envelop it in some smoked Atlantic salmon left over from the New Year's party. Horrid yet again. They haven't changed the tray just yet, think I might go extremely hungry and go for it in the end. No way Jose! I'd sooner eat the mole that's been rearranging the garden than something else.

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