He's been taken up!

No one can make this up. Really. I expect every blogger is having a field day with this news item. He's been taken up! I know where he is. Well, he's in heaven, isn't he? They do say priests are in some ways closer to God...
How can he tend to the needs of his parishioners suspended in mid air? Is this a dog collar wearing version of Steve Fosset? Well, I can guess where it all went pear shaped;

"In addition to being an experienced sky diver he also had a floatable seat and a parachute with him."

i am about to spot the flaw in the plan here: It didn't say if he was a good swimmer though...
You know what he forgot to take with him? His bible of course. If he really believed in the power of prayer he wouldn't have felt the need for a parachute either.
I think this was just God's way to tell him to stop clowning around. I can just hear Him say:

"If I wanted you to fly I would have given you wings and not party balloons"

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