Stuffed birds on the road

I have seen a lot of standard stuff in people's cars propped up against the windows or on the rear shelf tray.
Kids, pets, cuddly toys, cushions that say 'I love my car'. The works. We've all seen 'em.
Yesterday I was driving behind a Skoda Fabia. I looked remodelled, with some chromed edges stuck on. It was also sporting a bat shaped sticker where the car brand logo should have been and I could distinguish the words 'Chiropoda" on the left. That's Latin for bat. Nothing odd there. A bat lover.
Or some geek thinking he's driving around in his batmobile.
But then I could see what was IN the car. And I had to look twice. No bobbing heads, no umbrella's, no panama hat.
I could see.... three stuffed crows.
Yes. I thought no one would believe me if I said so, so I took a snap with my phone. And I took the liberty of enlarging and tracing the silhouette of one bird (click picture for bigger res).
Now how cool/weird/normal/sad/goofy* is that?

*scrap accordingly

It puts a whole new perspective on someone saying they always drive around with a couple of birds in the back...

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