I'm no hero

Mouser gave ma a big scare today. Kitty was gobbling up some food I'd given it. I thought it was sneezing a few times, I wasn't looking. The strange noise persisted. Then I got up to have a look. It was looking at me with watery eyes. It looked like Cat tried to cough up a mouse, but it didn't happen. He was choking on something. He was breathing fairly rapidly, but breathing none the less. Only thing I could think of was do a quick google for 'clearing cat airway". Didn't find anything. Tried to do a kind of Heimlich manoeuvre by pressing on the lower area of the ribs on both sides a few short hits after another. Maybe some short bursts of air could dislodge the something that was causing Kitty distress. Nothing happened, but Mouser didn't run away. It jumped in front of the window to go outside and looked at me. So I let him out. I was kinda feeling guilty I could do nothing for the poor beast. But after half an hour Mouser was back. Right as rain. I don't know what happened. Cat seems fine now. Nothing weird going on. Did find a page on howstuffworks on how to save a choking cat. But if he would really go all strange on me, I'd take Velvet Claws to the vet without hesitation.

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