Weird spam

This is the weirdest spam to date I have ever been sent:

"So there was poor old Rocket Man, stuck in that car without his rocket pack or even his special helmet with the one-way eyes, trying to steer and stop the car and open the side door, all at the same time.
When he tried to thrash away from the hypo she told him to sit still and be good or what was going to happen would happen without the benefit of even light anesthesia."

It continues:

"He spoke it aloud this time as he stepped into the huge and stuporously warm West Country kitchen.

Yes this is the sort of spam I get. I really don't like Stephen King. But it beats getting info on how to buy loads of cheap drugs and how they can help 'enhance my performance'.
But then again. Reading King could be the equivalent of taking a sleeping tablet. So it still amounts to the same thing.

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