I always feel uncomfortable when someone asks me what I would like for my birthday. Modesty always makes me say 'a kiss' or 'don't spend your money on me' or something equally nauseating. But now I've sussed it out. I'm a few years behind. But I did it. I've made a wish list for my iTunes account. Well, it's an iMix. So if someone wants to buy me some songs as a prezzie, I just give them the url and Bob's your uncle. They can decide how much music they want to lavish on me. I'm not sure if someone gives you a song as a gift if it disappears from your iMix. I don't think so, I'll have to look on the iTunes FAQ page.
And I'll have to update my Amazon Wish List when I've got some time. I'm looking forward to that. It'll be my own treat when I've finished with these exams and the paper I'm working on.

Oh wait. Dr Livingstone banned me from buying more books. I don't think our insurance will stand for it. What with all that paper indoors nowadays. And we're running out of space to put all my books. I suppose I could get rid of a few. Those old moldy ones about photography from the 60's. Or should I? Could become quite collectable in thirty years time or so. But technically receiving books is not the same as buying books. So I suppose I'm in the clear on this one.

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