Abandoned Places

Just a plug for a special photographer and professional airline pilot Henk van Rensbergen.
From Henk's abandoned places site:

Old buildings, abandoned hospitals, industrial palaces overgrown with plants and trees, 
the remaining walls decorated with graffiti, smashed windows, rain dripping through the roof...

These places have become hard to find, difficult (or illegal) to access, dangerous to explore ... great to spend the day !
Today, the pyramids of the industrial revolution just uselessly stand in the way, they're a scar in the landscape.
The deafening noises have been replaced by silence, but if you listen carefully they will tell you their story.
Abandoned hospitals where you can still smell the anxiety of the ill, 
where you can hear the coughing of the TB infected 
and where once doctors and nurses walked through the shiny corridors. 
A 100 years old hotel, standing proudly at the waterfront, arrogantly overlooking the beach
and fiercely withstanding all the storms of the past century, a decayed symbol of wealth for the rich.
Why are abandoned places so attractive ?

Oh and a signed copy of his Abandoned Places book
would make a great gift.

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