How Can I Drive With That Song In My Car

Dr Livingstone got me one of these as a present. Wherever my Mini goes, it goes with me. I have listened to tons of podcasts while driving. Some frequencies I use to tune in are very good. Some cities are swamped with minor radio stations gobbling up the unused ones in parts of the Continent I traverse. So sometimes it is quite useless if all my pre-programmed frequencies go all funny on me.
If you put the iPod in the docking station it instantly starts playing the first song by the band that's alphabetically listed first.
In my case it's those Scandinavian lads of a-Ha. Next sorting is done by album title. This is the album "Hunting High And Low". And the default song on the Pod is "The Sun Always Shines on TV".
Every time I get in the car and pop the Pod in the dock it starts playing. I've never grown tired of music before, but this is getting too much at times. That synthesizer riff grabs me at the throat time and time again. Instead of the car it's the song that's driving me 'round the bend.

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