Mouser's czech present

While in Prague, Dr Livingstone was out hunting for some gifts for the home front. Last time he was there, he bought me a beautiful necklace with matching earrings. It is the only piece of jewellery I have and occasionally wear. Except for the earrings. I never wear those. And this for a very simple reason. Two actually.
1) They're for pierced earlobes. I don't have pierced earlobes because of reason #2
2) I don't have any earlobes.
So that went down very well. We always joke about that to people saying the Dr was confusing me with all of his other girlfriends.
Middleteen™ is now the proud owner of a pair of earrings matching my necklace.

So this time round to try and forget about the earring debacle, he went for a new gift hunting stroll around town. And he found Mouser a present! How sweat is that! A weazel ball™. From the Weasel Ball site:

"At Weaselballs.com, we have a pretty niche business. We sell weasel balls, and that's all. We don't sell underwear, lawncare supplies or automatic weapons... anymore -- just a weasel and a ball, inextricably linked, forever and ever. The seasons will pass -- years may fly by, yet the weasel and ball relationship remains consistent. The weasel desires the ball, yet the ball is indifferent, maybe even a little bit distant. It flees. The weasel pursues. It is comedy and tragedy all rolled into one."

"Cat Torture
Cats love the Weasel Ball. And by love, we mean hate. Most cats hate the Weasel Ball and want to attack, scratch, bite and kill it. Some cats are just deathly afraid of it. It's fun. If you let your cat have a little too much me-time with the weasel ball, it may get ruined. No worries though, because then you can just order another one. Or seven. Ruin all the weasels you want, we'll make more! And by "make" we mean "order from China."

I will put Mouser in the 'some cats' instead of 'most cats' category. Poor kitty is scared out of its wits. And I mean scared as in horrified. As scared as that little squirrel we had in the garden a few weeks ago.
Dr Livingstone put a battery in it and the thing started to roll around. The little motor inside makes a very dull, grinding noise. I saw Mouser look up to me as if to ask 'WHAT in the name of ceiling cat is THAT?'

Next thing you know, velvet claws darts off into the garden with its fur all bunched up and a tail you could use as a duster.

So next time I'm leaving in a hurry and I need to put Mouser outside, I know what I'll be using to get it extramuralized.

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