The Mummy's Return

(This is a follow up post to Mum's the word on the naked truth)

I've just given this mummy business a bit more thought.
What if, just suppose, this was just a huge misunderstanding? What if sarcasm was the modus ponens here? I could see following conversation have taken place on a Monday morning around the coffee machine.

Museum staff #1 (been pondering this all weekend, reluctant to discuss the matter with colleagues): "What are we going to do about the mummy exhibition? We've had over a hundred complaints about inappropriate nakedness"

Museum staff #2 (not a morning person):"Well, why don't we just cover them up and be done with it?"

Well, it could have happened, couldn't it? Someone not spotting the subtle mock, taking it quite literally and just after the shit hit the proverbial fan, being ridiculed by the entire international historical community, falling back on the 'We are trying to follow Government guidelines about how they should be displayed with respect and sensitivity."

I just thought they were being displayed for educational purposes. Silly me.

Let's hope I can still go and take a look at those paintings of full fronted naked Jesuses, beautiful bare breasted and buttocked Venuses, cavorting Pans at the National Gallery when I'm in London again.
If I get a chance to squeeze past all those drooling, old, complaining farts that is.

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