My weatherpixie's offline

My cute weatherpixie has gone offline. You may have noticed the big black gap in the side bar. The site has been offline for a couple of days now. I've had a glance 'round and other bloggers using it are experiencing the very same problem. I'll give it a few more days to see if it'll be up and running again.
They did add new types of clothing since my last post on this, but I don't think most of them can be considered an improvement.
But if that's what the kids are wearing it probably is considered cool...
Although I'm not too sure if I look at this page. Or if I have a look at the most repulsive combinations the Teens™ are wearing. Sometimes I'd rather do an Oedipus and gouge my eyes out than stare at the unappealing dress sense.

Meh. I must be getting old.

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