I've been blogging now for nearly a year and still haven't sussed out how all this blog and internet stuff works to the full extent. It's like using traffic lights every day of the year and never wondering how and when they change colours. I'm a template person. A few clicks and Bob's your uncle. I can just about manage to link bits to urls with some kind of code. And I have to copy/paste that too every time I use it. Why am I rambling on about my incapability to get to grips with what the rest of the blogging community can do with their eyes closed?

Pietel has set up a little web-experiment with his boss and it turns out be rather an interesting challenge. How to get as much google hits as possible using the term Breehorn.

Pietel's trying to get his readers to link as often as poss to the word Breehorn (and his boss' related urls). But he's lacking some kind of incentive (how's that for managerial speak?). I mean, bloggers don't need much to start linking to anything remotely interesting (or boring). But he came up with an, still unconfirmed, interesting idea. How about getting people to link to Breehorn through means of a freebie? I'll write as much stories about my perfect day sailing on a Breehorn sailboat as you like. Hell, I'll even link to anything Breehorn related. (It would actually make a really good name for a brandy too).

But then I read something that sounded familiar: Trackback.
I have come across this word many a time, but I still do not grasp the concept to the full extent.
A trackback is my equivalent of a blonde not getting the joke about a blonde: It's just above my head.

Linking is fine. It's just something you click on and it goes to another site. That is easy for me to comprehend. So if I link to Breehorn or breehorn.wordpress.com, it will only direct someone to my site if they google those words. But the Breehorn will show up in the google hit stats and climb accordingly, even if they do not visit the site. Is that how it works? But that is not the aim of the exercise. We're talking techno here. The target is how to get a big google score.

Trackback is something I do not have on my blogger thingy.
And I did look at a few sites, but that involves more codes and they've lost me after five sentences. As soon if they hit the 'you'll need a plug in' line I've lost all interest. From what I fathom, it's some kind of notification that sends a code to the url you've linked to to make them aware of the fact you've -eh- linked to them.

So I'm looking at this from a non-technical standpoint. If the aim is getting as much google hits as you can, how does that tie in with a trackback? I suppose my ignorance is probably apparent by asking such a silly question.
The aim is to get more people to use the word Breehorn so the google count goes up.
Personally, I would never google 'Breehorn'. I expect only people who own one or are into sailing might, and some bloggers who want a freebie sailing trip. Like me. I just did. So the google hit thing works like this: Google 'Breehorn' and then count the links the word is mentioned in. The counter is currently at 17.100. If I add my post will it go up to 17.101? Let's see shall we. I've mentioned Breehorn at least ten times now, it better show up somewhere.

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