Everyman's theology

I was waiting to check out some books from our village library. I overheard the conversation between the librarian and the elderly man in front of me.
Elderly Man: "So I said to him, going to heaven is very fine and all that, but what are you going to do there once you get there? Sit on a cloud and twiddle your thumbs for all eternity?"
Librarian: "When Cardinal Suenens turned 70, he got a visit from Danneels. His successor wished him all the best, many more years and expressed the hope he wouldn't go off to heaven for a little while.
And you know what Cardinal Suenens said to him? "If I was to go to heaven that would be a shame. All the interesting woman would be in hell".
Elderly Man: 'There, you see. I couldn't have put it better. That's exactly what I think! Now, I'll have to go and see why my wife is taking so long..."


I was kinda hoping to hear more and see how this dialogue panned out.
I bet he wants his wife to go to heaven and he'll prefer spending eternity in hell on his own (he's probably already had a lifetime's worth of it here on earth already.)

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