Do as thou wilt

So I had some good news: I passed all of my exams. First class honours. Yay me!
So well on the way then.
I didn't think I did too well on Literary History. I got a 16 which isn't bad, could have been much, much worse. This was the second time round I had to study for this subject. The first time, back in February, I was stuck in Room 101 on the eve of the test. So I got an exemption and was able to take the test on Saturday.
The written part was easy, got about 20 little fragments of texts and/or a short description of a story and I had to name author and title of the work. Fellow students thought that the toughest part of it all. I think I got all of them right but I'm not to good at ad libbing on oral questions without any prep time.
I'm going to have to do a bit of extra reading on Petrarch (don't like him just because he was a tourist from the Middle Ages climbing the Mont Ventoux.) If he would have been alive today, I'd bet ¼ Sou he would have been there with his family in their caravan, listening to Radio Tour, waiting for the coureurs to come by.
And I need to read some more François Rabelais. I find him hilarious. Just because he was on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum makes it worth the while. Funnily enough, I had a quick glance at the list of most notable writers on it and I own or have read at least one work of nearly every author. I think that is also partly the reason why I have such an extensive library. If I get round to it I'll put all my books on librarything.com and then you can all speculate in what circle of hell I'll be spending eternity.


shrink said...

één dikke proficiat!

Mrs B said...

Mercikes hé!