Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Frequent readers of this blog will have already noticed I am not partial to animals that are able to sting me, bite me or feed off me. Ticks are on top of my avoid 'at any cost' list.
But that does not stop me from appreciating the beauty of nature. I am truly in awe of all those tiny creatures lurking about, going about their business without disturbing anyone. And some freak me out too. Like those spiders clutching their egg coccoon like there's no tomorrow. It somehow always reminds me of that thing clinging to John Hurt's face in that Alien movie. I have just enlarged a few pictures I took. The woods have eyes and I really do mean that in a creepy sense because they are literally teeming with egg sack hugging spiders and it is creeping me out right now. The Pisaura mirabilis or, as my little book says, the gentle sounding Nursery Web Spider. I have another book on garden insects and they call it the Big Wolf Spider. That sounds more like it! I bet it's got some nasty fangs to stun its victim.

Like the other species waiting in the other picture. I can just hear it think: 'Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. Muhahaha' (in big booming dramatic voice with plenty of reverb).

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