I am one of those thousands of listeners who listen to Charles Hodgson's voice every day. I have always found his podcast Podictionary very entertaining and informative. Sometimes it makes me snigger, sometimes it makes me wonder and sometimes I go: 'Ooh, I didn't know that'.
Having a logophile recount the origin of a word and how its usage changed through centuries is not a dry, ex cathedra way of gaining knowledge but a most refreshing, agreeable way of learning.
History can be very silly and anecdotal at times and this is what makes podictionary worth listening to.

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When Charles was plugging his first book last year, I pre-ordered it at Amazon and am now a proud owner of Carnal Knowledge: A Navel Gazer's Dictionary of Anatomy, Etymology and Trivia.
So I could say Charles' etymology empire, as he likes to call it, has already annexed a few centimeters of my bookshelf space and on another continent at that!

I think it quite wonderful that someone puts a lot of time and effort into a daring enterprise and is able to make a career out of it, even though his bankbook says it's a hobby. So this little plug, on my humble blog, may not amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world, but it is my way of saying: Thank you Charles!

I wish you all the best and a bright future for all of your wordy escapades, I am looking forward to the new book.

So I enlist in the empire's army and hope for citizenship and a patch of land upon my return!

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