Brandy grows on trees

My neighbour (aka Mr Mole Slayer™) planted a small tree in the back of the garden. I only noticed it was there because of the strange label attached to it. Without my glasses from a distance it looked like a picture of 5 eggs. We all know eggs don't grow on trees (although this one kinda might) so it had to be something else. Upon closer inspection (after I zoomed in on the picture I took) it appeared to be a fruit tree. Mirabelles are a type of plum, not a variety. It is believed that the plum was cultivated from a wild fruit grown in Asia Minor. You can either eat it fresh from the tree or make it into Brandy. It ripens in August.
So I'll have to speak to Mr Slayer™ and persuade him to make make some brandy from these prunes. Slivovitz is made from plums and is the national beverage in some Balkan countries, so it can't be bad at all.
And Mr Slayer™ just put a new kitchen in, so no excuse to start cracking after the plucking.
I'm hoping for a good nice summer season and hope this little tree will not dash my hopes and brings forth some fruit. The last trees they ever planted on the same patch of land didn't make it. Last years Christmas tree didn't see the winter through and the other one was a symbolic love bond tree the eldest son planted together with his girlfriend. That withered too.

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