Soothing marble

As promised
some more pictures of the newly renovated Islamic Art wing at the Museum of Art and History in Brussels' Cinquentenaire park.
Top L: Hunter having to flee up a tree for a vicious looking beclawed animal nibbling at his horse.
Top R: velvet Osman textile with çintamani pattern.
Bottom L: strange piece of 16th century textile with image of naked woman
Bottom R: sumptuous carving on a reconstructed front of a mosque from N. Pakistan

Top L: section of the new wing
Top R: planispheric astrolabe (alas incomplete)
Bottom L: reconstructed wooden mosque entrance with minbar at the end of the gallery
Bottom R: Nice display of brightly coloured glazed pot fragments and water filters inscribed with kaligraphy.

Once again I recommend visiting the collection (and of course the rest of the museum).
Even if it is too hot outside, a stroll around in this agreeable climate is an educational feast for the eyes and brain. The soothing calmness of the marble interior, the delicacy of the artefacts and crystal clear info on each big period is a winning combination.

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