The Tom and Jerry Routine

We're all familiar with the Elvis impersonators. Once you've seen one you've seen them all.
Even if they don't resemble The King in the slightest possible sense, there is always something to recognize him by: gelled hair, fancy costume, quivering knees.
The internet is rampant with cat owners claiming their cat, when running around answering one of the calls of nature (no, not that one, I mean chasing mice), is doing the old Tom and Jerry routine. Well pooh with nobs on to all of them !
I think Mouser has come closest so far into emulating the dynamic cat and mouse duo that once graced the silver screen a good six decades ago.
I caught Mouser and his unnamed sidekick in the act of imitation this afternoon. And you know how the saying about practice goes.
Rehearsals are going a bit slower than expected because Mouser keeps eating his little rodent friend. Two scenes are being rehearsed at the moment, you will all be treated to a little sneak preview below:

The first is a moment taken from 'Sordid Serenade' from 1946. Mouse's tail is nearly perfect, Mouser needs to work on the 'show more claws' bit. And his whiskers are pointing down. They should point up. But otherwise a very good effort. No room for improvisation.

The second one is a little action taken from 'Puss Gets The Boot', 1940. The resemblance is uncanny. See how he cleverly steps on mouse's tail so it can't move? Mouse needs to look as though it is trying harder to run away. Mouser looks like he's miles away, should adopt a more smug expression, like Jasper.
But a good effort nonetheless and I found it most entertaining. Keep up the good work boys and don't forget:
Practice makes purrrfect!

-Sorry. I just had to slip that in-

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